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This is the geek equivalent of an Oscar speech, so it may come over all Gwyneth Paltrow.

This tool plugin was written by Edward Hibbert, who's one of the moderators on Edinburgh Freegle (until 2009 Edinburgh Freecycle), in the UK. It was originally born in around 2007 of a low boredom threshold and a sneaking feeling that moderating was socially worthwhile but in practice quite dull:

The story of my life is one of turning a low boredom threshold into something constructive. Once I started moderating Freecycle groups I decided all those mouse clicks were far too tedious, and were seriously affecting the time I could spend drinking lattes in groovy cafes. So I wrote a little Firefox gizmo to help make moderating Freecycle easier. Now that’s snowballed wildly out of control, and I’m too busy working on that to drink any more lattes. That’s progress.

Originally this started off around 2006-7 as a Firefox extension, but in 2013 Yahoo released the Neo version of Groups, which completely broke the existing plugin. Thanks to a crowdfunder, Edward was able to spend a chunk of time re-implementing most of the function on a standalone website, which works in conjunction with a Firefox extension and Chrome plugin.

The group for this plugin has been invaluable in suggesting new features and finding bugs, the former apparently leading inexorably to the latter.