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Creating a new Configuration, and migrating messages.

To create a Configuration first go to settings link in the left hand column. Click on configurations, on the tab at the top.

alt text

Scroll to the bottom of the group list and click on Add a configuration. You will be asked to select it. Mine are all Db. Select it again and give it a name. The Group name, Default, Cafe's or whatever you intend to use it for. Add the network you are exporting from. Full Circles, Freecycle, Freegle. Click on pending messages and then click on 'Migrate from mod plugin' The same for messages, pending members and members. If you have an email address for mods then fill in the bcc box and a copy will be sent, although cc not bcc's. However if you use the owner address there is a high failure rate. It says slow but it only took me a couple of minutes. I would not wait more than 10 even for a large amount of posts. If it hangs try later.

alt text

If it has not worked then Check. Have you enabled the FF plug in? Have you got the correct set? Is your broadband slow? If so try when it is better.

Bulk operations

Go to settings in modtools. Select the configurations tab. Click on the little box at the bottom go the page with the name of the configuration you want to set up the bouncing members function for. When the box opens on the far right at the top you will see 'bulk'.

Select bulk then at the bottom of the box select 'add a bulk operation'. A little box pops up asking you to name the bulk operation. Name it bouncing members or similar then click Add.

Select what you want it to do from the drop down menus, for instance you can get it to remove or reactivate bouncing members. set the frequency and click start now. Close the page and it will start going through the bouncing members on your group.